Total Rewatch is a short zine series that I’ve published throughout the pandemic. Each zine features commentary, doodles, and cute stuff about the films that I’m watching during my ever evolving self isolation period. As well as uploading the zines here to be read digitally, you can download the issues to print and make them at home yourself! I made a simple how to video that you can watch above. Not only will it help you make cool, physical issues of Total Rewatch but I also hope it will inspire you to create some of your own single page zines too! I’ve also made a one page zine template which you can also download for free.

If you want to get a better feel for the films I’ll be covering in Total Rewatch then check out the letterboxd list that inspired this project. I’m still attempting to update it with every movie I watch during this weird ass time which means I have plenty of inspiration for this series.

Download and print* past issues:

Issue #1 (Sudden Fear and Suspicion) as well as an updated one page zine template are below:

this image is a one page zine which can be crafted using only one piece of paper. this particular zine is the third in the Total Rewatch series which will center on me writing and drawing mini-zines inspired by films I've watched during quarantine.
This is a one page zine template which shows how to make a one page zine. To make a one page zine you fold a piece of paper in half (in this case i am using 11" by 8.5" size. After you fold the paper in half long ways you fold it again short way so you have four sections. You then fold the edge of the paper into the middle. Repeat with the other side! You should now have eight sections. Fold the paper so that the top and bottom are touching and using the fold in the center cut the with of one of the sections! Next push the paper together, this will create your pages. once you have done this you can push the zine down to secure it! Well done, you've made a zine!

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*Please note if you do decide to print and make your own copy (YAY!) then for the best results change your printer settings to black and white–save that color ink, baby!–make sure that your page is set to print landscape, and that it’s scaled to 100%. If you do make a copy or make your own zine using the template or how to guide then please let me know @rosiemarx on Twitter!